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Humour - A Great Teaching Tool

On June 14, 2024, I attended an engaging and informative session titled "Humour - A Great Teaching Tool," conducted by Ms Pooja Yaduvir EdCrawler (Powered by GSLC) The session was regarding ‘Integration of Humor in Teaching.’ The session highlighted the significant role of humor in enhancing the learning experience, improving student engagement, and fostering a positive classroom environment. This session has given me a new perspective on how to make learning more enjoyable and effective for my students.

Career Counselling session for grade 9 students

I had an opportunity to conduct career counselling session for grade 9 students. The session was attended by the students, their parents & teachers. This session aimed to guide the students and their parents in making informed decisions about future career paths at the Army School, Kota.

The important objective of the session was to empower students with insights into various career fields, helping them align their interests, skills, and aspirations with potential professions. Additionally, parents were encouraged to actively participate to better understand and support their child's career journey.

Oxford International Academy, Jaipur

A Career Counselling Session was conducted for grade 10 students in Oxford International Academy, Jaipur. The session proved to be a resounding success. Students engaged in insightful discussions about their interests, strengths, and future aspirations. Through personalized guidance, they gained a clearer understanding of potential career paths and set achievable goals.

Army Public School

Career Counselling Session was conducted for parents of grade 10 students of Army Public School. The parents actively participated in this interactive session & discussed various career related issues, stream selection & prospects related to various subjects. This session helped them to support their children in making well-informed decisions about their future. Career Counseling is vital for both students and parents, helping them to understand about their future careers.

This was a rewarding session to round off the year on a positive note!

Career Counseling sessions

Career Counseling sessions were conducted for grade 9 & 10 students. These students had limited career awareness and were amazed to learn about various career options pertaining to different streams. I feel extremely happy to provide them with personalised guidance, which helped them to explore diverse career options based on their interests, skills, and values. These sessions also included psychometric tests to understand their interests, aptitude & personality. Later individual sessions were conducted with detail analysis of the test report with students enabling them to make informed decisions about their future paths.

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