About Us

Seema Goswami

As a school coordinator, I had the privilege of leading a team of 32 teachers. In this role, I was responsible for implementing the curriculum, providing training to teachers, and ensuring the quality of education through classroom observations and visits. I also offered counselling and guidance to parents and teachers, addressing concerns related to students and their overall development.

I’ve been honored to receive the Best Leader Academic Award, Appreciation Award for the leading & guiding the school academic team. Certificate of appreciation from HelpAge India for motivating students to assist the elderly.

With my extensive teaching experience and background in coordination and counselling, I am passionate about making a positive impact on students' lives and guiding them towards success. I look forward to utilizing my skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth and development of students in a fulfilling educational environment.

What we offer

Our counselling serves as a catalyst for students to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. It fosters personal growth, enhances decision-making and problem-solving abilities. Witnessing the transformation and progress of students, as well as experiencing personal growth through the counselling process, is incredibly rewarding. It is a profession that contributes to the holistic development of both students and counsellors alike.

By offering tailored advice, we aim to empower students to navigate their educational and career journeys successfully, ultimately leading them towards fulfilling and meaningful professional lives.

Our counselling services we offer

One-on-one sessions: Providing personalized support tailored to each student's needs

Stream selection: Assisting students in choosing the appropriate academic stream based on their strengths and interests

Psychometric tests: Utilizing assessments to identify students' aptitudes and preferences for better career guidance.

College and university guidance: Providing comprehensive support in selecting and applying to both national and international educational institutions.

Application assistance: Assisting students throughout the application process, including essay writing, documentation, and deadlines.

Exploration of options: Offering resources and guidance to explore a wide range of educational and career opportunities.

Decision-making support: Helping students make informed decisions aligned with their aspirations and future goals.

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